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Get Married and record your short-term bitcoin union in blockchain matrimony to join and share bitcoin wallets for a short duration only. Why? To explore how we may negotiate roles and values in new forms of short-term partnerships or smart contracts in the future. This location-based bitcoin prototype questions traditional forms of legal contracts currently governing our relation and partnerships. And it considers new opportunities in smart contracting technology and location-based economic services.

To dissolve your marriage, you just have to wait 5 minutes (or click the divorce button). Your marriage and its dissolution will automatically be recorded as transaction in the pavilion's printed ledger of marriages.

Disclaimer This is a speculative prototype and no contractually binding marriages are or will take place. This app is based on your phone's location services so may not always be accurate.

Designed by: The concept of this app was developed collaboratively as part of the Blockchain City workshop at the Citylab conference in Amsterdam. Faciliated by Chris Speed, Larissa Pschetz and Dave Murray-Rust the concept was developed by James Stewart, Max Dovey and Corina Angheloiu based on code written by Hadi Mehrpouya and designed by Bettina Nissen.